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 Role-play Rules

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PostSubject: Role-play Rules   Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:26 pm

Along with our main rules, you are qualified to read and obey these.
  1. Do NOT role-play with asterisks.
    It's messy, hard to read, and unnecessary. Role-play in complete sentences, please.
  2. Do not describe mating in detail.
    We have young people on here. End of discussion.
  3. No power playing ("god-modding").
    You may only control your own character. Do not attempt to change what others do or say.
  4. Keep things moderately realistic.
    This is impossible to do, really, on a mythical creature site, but don't make grass purple and clouds make of rocks.
  5. Do not role-play in two places at the same time while using the same character for both places.
    Example - if you're in the Realm of Fire with a character (let's say his name is Cyphe), that same Cyphe can't be at the Realm of Water while he's at Flames.
  6. Have no more than ten characters at a time.
    You can abandon one if you would like to create another.
  7. Have no more than one powerful character.
    Example - you may not have too immortal, leaders, invincible, etc. characters at a time.
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Role-play Rules

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