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 The Realms

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PostSubject: The Realms   The Realms Icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2011 8:33 pm

If you would like to lead one of these realms or have a description for one of them, please message me.

We have five realms on Societas Magic, for the elements. Creatures choose which of these realms to live in. There is no real loyalty, and switching a realm is more-or-less common. The leaders of the realms have enormous power over their element, but it is hard to gain trust from the realm members.

The Realm of Fire
The realm of fire is near a volcano and a bunch of bomb fires. They rarely move and if they do its to another place near fire. They heat up the world and show compassion for cold travelers that have no heat. They can control and make fire. They never use their fire powers unless its to fight against the evil and some other realms. They are known for their nice, compassionate behavior.

The Realm of Darkness
The realm of darkness lurks in shadow, constantly moving. They have no real powers, but can conjure up shadows and are excellent at striking fear into creatures' hearts. They are known for cruelty and showing no mercy, but occasionally there is a member of the Realm of Darkness that shows precious compassion.

The Realm of Wind
The realm of wind is in the sky. It moves sometimes but the prefer to stay where they are. They can fly and control wind. They are all rather different but most are kind and helpful. Some however try to make others cold by using cold winds.

The Realm of Water
The Realm of Water is known to be a more peaceful realm, but doesn't always live up to its reputation. Many of its members are shadier than not or have long and complicated pasts.

The Realm of Earth

The Realm of Metal
The metal realm is mostly a barren waste land, it wasn't unlike earth long ago before a virus turned everything to metal. Everything and everybody are either gone or turned to metal. Some years later an elf named Zephyr came along and started building a safe haven for outcasts. The summers are extremely hot, and the winters very cold. Only now do plants start to regrow. . . .

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The Realms

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