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 How To: Create a Character

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PostSubject: How To: Create a Character   Sat Jun 04, 2011 6:40 pm

Creating a character(s) fairly simple. If you are new to Societas Magic and haven't created a character here before, please take the time to read this entire post, as it contains important information.

Remember, Societas Magic is a mythical role-play site. Nothing here has been proven as true or false, and the setting takes place long ago. No existing creatures should be mentioned in the role-play. If you aren't sure of which species you can use, please check this topic.
As well as checking that, you should take the time to read our role-play rules. Role-playing can offend, disgust or even terrify some, and these rules help prevent that. Incorrect role-playing is a serious offense in many cases, and we don't want to have to ban you (luckily, though, the consequences usually aren't very severe Smile).
When creating multiple characters, please keep them all in the same topic, even if you're posting a month from your last character created in that topic. If, for example, your username was Cyph, you might create a topic called Cyph's Characters. The first post in that topic would be your first character - let's say it's a centaur. Once that character was approved, you'd role-play it. Then, say five months later, you wanted to make a new character - a siren. In the same topic as your centaur, post that creature's profile. Continue using this method, because it's neat and less confusing than not.

I mentioned characters getting approved - yes, once you create your character, it must be approved by either an Administrator, Global Moderator, or Role-play Moderator before you can begin role-play. Each character of yours should have two members approve it, in case one member misses a mistake you made. Not to say that you make mistakes a lot, but better safe than sorry, right? Smile

So, now that you've read all that, I think you're ready to create your own character! Please fill out the form below. Once you've filled it out, post the finished form in a new topic. Thank you!

Character Name:
Character Gender (if any):
Character Species:
Character Realm*:
Character Powers (if any):
Character Appearance:
Character Personality:
Character History (optional):
Other (optional):
Role-play Sample:

Here is the code for the form:
[b]Role-play Sample:[/b]

Any questions or comments? Feel free to contact us!

*Your character doesn't have to have a specific realm - it can be a traveler
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How To: Create a Character

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