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PostSubject: Rankings   Thu Jun 23, 2011 3:22 pm

Members have ranks. Ranks that affect what power they have. Ranks that they earn, and that mean a lot to them. Here is a quicky introduction to all the ranks possible to members.

Site Owner
Special rank*
This member created Societas Magic and is the head administrator.

Special rank
These are the forum administrators. They have access over everything on the site, and with that, ultimate power.

Global Moderator
Special rank
These are the Global Moderators. They have lots of power over the site and can moderate forums as well as ban members.

Role-play Moderator
Special rank
These moderators have control over everything role-play related, including the character creation and plot sections.

Community Helper
Special rank
These members help with our graphics, CSS and other art-related stuff. Writers are also part of this group.

Special rank
These members help with our graphics, CSS and other art-related stuff. Writers are also part of this group.

Realm Leader
Special rank
These members own one of the five realms in role-play. A realm leader's username will be colored pink; they do not have their rank under their names like the other ranks do.

Level 0
0 posts
These members are brand new to Societas Magic.

Level 1
20 posts
These members are still pretty new, but they have posted more than Level 0 members.

Level 2
35 posts
These members know the ropes and can help out some members with small problems they might have.

Level 3
50 posts
These members are pretty well known around the forum, popular with the members. They are more-or-less advanced members.

Level 4
100 posts
These members are quite advanced and can answer most questions you might have.

Level 5
500 posts
Only awesome people get to this rank. No, wait, only SUPER awesome people get to this rank.

Gold Member
1,000 posts
If you reach this rank, we will worship you forever. 8D

*These ranks cannot be acquired by posting; you must be invited to become a Special Rank member.
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