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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeSat Jun 04, 2011 7:00 pm

Please read these rules - they keep Societas Magic clean, fun and safe. Of course, I shouldn't have to post this in the first place, but some people don't have any idea of how to behave maturely. Let's hope you aren't one of those people.
These rules may be updated at any time. It's your responsibility to check them often, and, likewise, your responsibility if you break a rule.
There are no 'trials' here - either you did something, or you didn't. We take NO excuses, pleas, threats, or bribes. There are no exceptions for breaking these rules.

  1. Follow and read all rules.
    This shouldn't be a rule on any site, but unfortunately some feel that they know all the rules and don't need to read them. Well, guess what. You don't know them, and you do need to read them.
  2. No cursing.
    It's rude, it's mean, and it's childish. You are forbidden to post any abbreviations, spoilers, or 'hidden words', such as ---- or ****. None of that at all.
  3. Do not threaten.
    In role-play, it is acceptable, but anywhere else, it's a serious offense.
  4. Be respectful of all members.
    Whether you are speaking to a banned member or a staff member, you are required to be respectful - being rude is how we get enemies and banned members in the first place.
  5. Do not ask for personal information. Do not reveal any of this information if you are asked or otherwise.
    This is for your safety. We don't want hackers or stalkers. Please, only tell us about your gender, state/country/region, or month and day of your birthday.
  6. Do not cyberbully.
    If you want a definition of cyberbullying, contact a staff member.
  7. Do not post sexual or otherwise inappropriate content.
    This includes links, spoiler, pictures, videos, etc.
  8. Do not speak of religion or other sensitive topics.
    This can be extremely offensive to some people.
  9. Avoid chat-speak unless in the chat-box.
    Some members might have trouble reading English or are not quite familiar with chat-speak, so please avoid it. 'Lol' can be used anywhere, however, since it would look a bit odd if you typed in 'laugh out loud'.
  10. No multiple accounts.
    We are very good at finding out who has them and who doesn't - if you do, we will suspect you are hiding something.
  11. Red, bold, or abnormally large text are for staff use only.
    And for you staff members - only use these features in an important post.
  12. Avoid going off-topic unless in the chat-box.
    Unless, of course, you are posting in a randomness thread.
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