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 Introduction to Forums

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PostSubject: Introduction to Forums   Sat Jul 23, 2011 1:37 pm

If you are new to this type of website in general, here is a complete guide you can use. Make sure you have plenty of time to read this, as it's more-or-less long, and may take a while.

Forums can be difficult to navigate at first. The navigation menu is just under the banner.

This is the homepage, where everything can be accessed somewhat easily. This is where all the posts, members, and statistics can be found. It's also the main chatbox page. The chatbox can be accessed at the bottom of several other pages, but most use the homepage when chatting.

This is the gallery. Members post their art here, and some contest entries can also be found here.

This is pretty self explanatory. Search a keyword, username, title, etc. and our search engine will do the best it can. A more advanced search can be used here.

This is where all of the site members can be found. They are sorted by activity; the members who are currently online or have been online recently are at the top. When more or one members are online they are sorted randomly. A member’s ‘humor’, avatar (profile picture), username, join date, last visit, number of posts and website (if they have one) are located in the list. You can also message a member from this list, and search for a specific user.

This is your custom profile. Customize it however you want. Members can only see some of the information you store there, while administrators and global moderators can see almost all of it.

This is your inbox. It’s basically our version of e-mail, just less private and for Societas Magic members only.

Some new members also have trouble figuring out how to post.
First, find a place to post in. If you haven't already created an introduction, that might as well be your first post. The Introductions section can be found here. To create a topic, press the button below:

Once you click it, you will be able to create a new topic. Your topic title must be at least 5 characters long but have no more than 50 characters. The topic description is optional. Next you fill out the topic itself. If you are writing an introduction, tell us a bit about yourself. Otherwise, write about why you made the topic for. Press 'Preview' to view what your message will look like when posting, and 'Send' if you are satisfied with it.
You should also try to post in topics that have been created by other members. Find a conversation you would like to participate in, and press the button below:

Or you could use the Quick Reply feature located above the button, which has less features, but is easier and much faster.
Sometimes you will see this button instead of the Post Reply one.

That means the topic has been Locked, and no more replies can be added to it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, or in our Questions section. We'd be glad to help!
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Introduction to Forums

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